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69 Mustang Mach1 From Brockers Beautys

69 Mustang Mach1 From Brockers Beautys

(Legal Disclaimer) Let me start by saying that my story may not be typical of what others have experienced. Now, on to my story. Why would someone create such a page? To warn prospective buyers of the possible deceptive practices of this dealership, that’s why. I don’t want to see what happened to me happen to some other innocent soul.

Brockers Beautys is a Classic Car Dealer located in Newcastle, Ca. Last year (2003) I found what I believed was to be my dream car, a 1969 Mustang Mach 1 with a 428 Super Cobra Jet engine, shaker hood, rear louvers, etc. The pictures on their web site looked awesome. Me being in Arizona I was a little skeptical about buying a car sight unseen from another state. I called and talked to Mark who portrayed himself as being the owner. I asked him what I need to do to make this car road worthy. He said “just get in and drive, make sure you stop at every gas station though”. He went down the list of options on the car and I was even more convinced this was the car for me.

When the car arrived weeks later we had to push it off the carrier because it would not start. We finally got it going after replacing all the spark plugs and wires. It smoked really bad but after warming up did not seem to be so bad. It still ran very rough and spit out the carburator so we replaced the Holley carb with a new one. After tweaking the carb we were able to get it through emissions. Finally I can enjoy my dream car.

Not so fast, the rear end was howling and needed a rebuild. $1000 later, no more howling. I noticed when I closed the passenger side door that broken glass was coming out of the door panel. We removed the door panel and over 2 lbs. of broken glass. While I was under the door panel I noticed that the paint had runs in it much like the $199 paint jobs from Earl Schieb. Still I had faith that this was to be my dream car. Unfortunately my wife took ill and consumed my time until her death late last year. We have 3 small children that I am left to raise by myself.

Finally, after putting all her affairs in order, I decided to get back on the horse and start working on my dream car again. I decided to pull the 428 Super Cobra Jet engine and have it rebuilt. 4 hours later the engine shop called me to say ” this is nothing close to a 428 Super Cobra Jet engine but in fact a run of the mill worn out 1972 429″. I said is it at least a Cobra Jet? Nope. I was crushed. I then realized I paid $20,000 for a car that was worth less than $10,000.

I called Steve Brocker to discuss a remedy to the situation. He hung up on me when I suggested the least he could do is pay for the rebuild on the motor ($3400) after mis-representing the car.
This web page is dedicated to warning people about the unethical practices of Brockers Beautys and to see if perhaps there is anyone else out there that has had a similar experience with this company. If so please email me. My lawyer would love some more ammunition for the impending lawsuit. Update I have dropped all legal action because it’s just not worth my time but I will keep this page updated so please submit any new information about your experiences with Brockers Beautys, good or bad. I will post either in fairness.


Hi Ken, Glad to see your website. I also purchased a vehicle from Brockers and got burnt. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and The Dept. of Motor Vehicles in Sacramento. I would be happy to forward you all copies and documentation that I have. Brockers should be put out of business and should make resituation to all. Please give me a call. Respectively, Charlie from Connecticut

November 2010 Brockers Beautys Scam

I am writing from Victoria Canada.
Am I ever grateful I saw your website warning people about Almost bought a Pickup from them but noticed that the guy that responded to my email was reluctant to take extra photos of the undercarriage, but did proceed to tell me what a wonderful truck this was and that the bed was replace with plywood and looked great If it looks so great….. then send me the pictures.
I said I needed to see the pictures of the pickup bed.
He told me that would be and inconvenience as the truck was in the warehouse and reassured me every thing was A OK.

This website probably save me a lot of grief.

Very Best
Victoria Canada

Hi Ken, I was told by a friend about your website. I too purchased a car from ‘Mark’ at Brocker’s on November 20, 2002, a 1965 Olds 442 Convertible. Upon receipt it was not what it was stated to be and was mis-represented to me. You can contact the Sacramento Better Business Bureau @ or phone (916) 443-6843 about my complaint #1164831 filed on August 8, 2003 after several attempts to resolve my situation with Steve Brocker. Mark said that they would ‘fix the situation’ but Steve didn’t. The BBB contacted Mr. Brocker with my information but he refused to do anything about it. I have all the documentation that I communicated with Brocker’s and with the BBB. Tonight, I tried to find the listing for Brocker’s to see if there had been any more complaints since mine, but the site wouldn’t list anything at all as if it wasn’t working. After no success with the company I went to the BBB site and found a prior complaint although the content is blank. They may not tell you much. Write back and I can give more, but would ask that you contact the BBB there first. The agents name at the BBB was Ms. Leilani Charlton. Mike Davis Mason (Cincinnati area), OH.

I also brought a car from this dealer a 1969 roadrunner it was advertised with power brakes, power steering which were not equipped on the car, the transmission had a reverse valve body that was not advertised. When the car was delivered to my home I called brockers beautys of all that I found wrong, I asked to be compensated for false advertisement and just like you I got no response.I hope this will help with your complaint? Ozzie L James Jr.

Brockers Beautys Sells Rust Free Car with Rusted Out Truck!

Ken, This is in response to your concerns about Brockers Beauties. Oh how I wish I would have seen this before we purchased our car. We paid 16500.00 for 1973 Cuda and had it shipped to North Carolina. Advertised as a one owner car, with 87 original miles, rust free, excellent driver and after two weeks of conversation with Dennis verifying this we were delivered a car you would not believe. The trunk was rusted out–I could stand in it, the car had no turn signals–I mean they were in the trunk on top of the black trash bag that was duct taped over the rusted out hole in the trunk.

Rusted Out Cuda Trunk from Brockers Beautys

Rusted Out Cuda Trunk from Brockers Beautys

The car did not even crank and had rust in the quarter panels too. Advertised as a ralley dash it was not. I have pictures I would love to send you to add to your site. We were lucky enough to get a full refund and they did take the car back, but we lost 800.00 shipping and 600.00 in taxes. I do not know how to create a web page, but I am sure glad you did. I actually investigated this dealership on the net and could find no bad publicity. I commend you for faltering futher scams from this dealership. Keep up the good work. H. Sawyer

WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? That Steve Brocker isn’t a stand up guy? Pleeeease, I bought a 41 Dodge coupe from him that was in mint condition, show room fresh, perfect paint, ran great, could drive it anywhere, almost show quality… What a joke, this piece of crap smoked like a locomotive, the steering wheel was in about 4 pieces, the brakes were shot, oil was pouring out of the rear main, the drive line was hanging off it and it looked like some-one painted it with a broom, the biggest piece of crap car I have seen and he lied about the delivery. Steve should be tar’d feathered and ran out of the united states on a rail. Mike white Lincoln, Nebraska P.S. Yes you can post this because I have the proof.

In reponse to your dissatisfaction with Brockers Beauties, I also have a problem with misrepresentation. I purchased a 1969 El Camino SS that was represented to have a factory rare 402 block. A 1969 El Camino SS was my teen-age car and I had always dreamed of owning another one. I saw it advertised and as it was almost identical to the El Camino SS I had once owned, I couldn’t believe my dream had come true. I purchased the vechicle and it was delivered in a timely manner. After the vehicle arrived, I began doing my own research in the most up to date book available for the engine block numbers. The block was correctly numbered for that particular time and is for this type vehicle, but it is not a factory rare 402 block that was represented by Brockers Beauties. I have proof that it is a factory 396-325. When I contacted Brockers Beauties, I was told that one of their “gurus” checked the numbers and said it was a 402. How does he stay in business? I’ve heard there’s plenty of fruits and nuts in California. Beware of Brockers Beauties. I would like for you to put this on your web page. Thank you

Ken, I read your story after a friend of mine said he saw your web site as a parody on Brocker’s Beautys. We both work near Brocker’s Beautys and from time to time go by to look at his cars. His shop is actually in Newcastle, approx. 4 miles from Auburn. He buys locally and from Auto Trader and west coast areas as far north as Washington due to the out of state plates I have seen. He buys older cars in need of semi restoration and sends them out for a cheap paint job. The owner (maybe the guy you dealt with)told my friend he has a shop in Sacramento that paints cars for a couple of hundred dollars. I have seen fish eye, dust in the paint and sand scratch in his painted cars and wasn’t impressed. In most cases the cars have worn chrome, rubber seals and worn interiors relative to the age of the car. I have never asked to hear their engines run or drive them because I would not seriously purchase from him unless I planned on going through the car myself; engine, brakes, drive train, etc. I can’t comment on mechanicals other than what I see as the mileage of the car I’m looking at and comparing sun interior damage to a fresh painted car. Most of his performance cars are actually clones that he ships overseas to Europe. I suspect there are a few unsatisfied buyers there too. Brocker’s is making money off of internet sales. I don’t think he sells anything locally because his cars aren’t as nice in person and he won’t dicker with a local prospect over poor paint, chrome, engine mechanicals, etc. The internet buyer pays outright and can’t question the value represented without being present. I would suspect that most of his cars have to be re done to bring them up to the show quality that he represents them as being. I know that he doesn’t do much more than make them road worthy if they need brakes or steering components because he isn’t equipped to do engine jobs or his own body work and paint. He might send the car out for those if he needs to because he only has one mechanic, an older guy that does safety work like brakes or minor tune up stuff. I lament the fact that he is selling quite a few of our nice muscle cars overseas where they never are going to be enjoyed by Americans again. Selling off our culture so to speak and making a profit at it. Good luck in your claim against Brocker’s. Steve Wright, Auburn Ca.

September 29, 2005
Dear Mr. Hightower, I also bought a car from Brockers in December of 2002. I had seen the car in Old Car Trader, the October 02 issue. When I called Mark Brocker about the car he said the car was in good mechanical condition. After talking to Mark several more times, I purchased the car on December 20, 2002. The car was to be shipped closed carrier, but arrived on an open truck. I was shocked when I saw the condition of the car! When I started the car smoke rolled from under the hood due to a badly leaking water pump. To list a few other things wrong with the car: tires were bad, transmission oil was running out from under the car, brakes needed to be rebuilt, carburetor needed rebuilt, exhaust manifold gaskets were leaking, speedometer did not work, heat gauge was bad, power seat did not work, neutral safety switch was bad, front end needed new king pins. I had to have the transmission pulled out and resealed. The rear end seal was leaking. The generator had to be rebuilt. I spent over $4,000 before I could safely drive the car. If I can help you in any way with your legal action, let me know. Ed Noffsinger

Ken, You may have saved me some time and a whole lot of money. I am currently dealing with Brockersbeauty’s on a 62′ T-Bird advertised in the most recent 2006 Old Car Trader for $24,950. In dealing with Steve Brocker by phone last Friday, I already found several things he said to be very strange. First let me tell you that in the Atlanta Ga area, I found this vehicle (as described) to be apprx. $10-15K under the current market value so I was already somewhat skeptical when told of how his car was optioned and the outstanding condition it was in. I then found your website this morning and things began to make better sense after reading it. I do not think my experience so far with Brocker’s is worth publishing on your website since I have not yet been burned, but feel free to use it if you feel it has any value. • When asked for the Vin number he pushed back. He said the Vin number for the 62 model did not reflect the Sportster package anyway (which is false) • He said the car was priced under market for a quick sale (seems doubtful given his customer relations horror stories on your website) • When I told him I was flying in to view the car he pushed back. He instead offered me one of two local appraisers for a fee of $200 to save the cost of airfare.(very unorthodox to say the least as this represents the fox watching the hen house) • When asked for an appraisal by fax more push back. After entering into debate with him that this was required to obtain financing, he instead offered me funding through one of the company’s he works with. The fax finally arrived in hand written chicken scratch and all efforts were made to not describe the options, mileage, condition or Vin number. (fax was totally devoid of all pertinent data that makes an appraisal an appraisal so it was useless to my bank) • When asked about shipping he offered only two options which were both through transportation company’s aligned with him. (why would he care who ships my car?) He offered a rate of $800-$900 open and $1500-$1700 enclosed and he said I needed the closed option for a car this nice. (again, why does he care? and this price is about $500 off the going enclosed rate (I know, I checked) • When asked about the selling price wiggle room he became slightly agitated and would not tell me his bottom (out the door) price. He said he did not haggle by phone and said that if I insisted on flying in I would try to “hammer” him down twice after seeing the car. (this one really bothered me because it showed his willingness to not represent the car for what the condition really was. I took this to mean that regardless of the lowest price quoted by phone, I would surely “hammer” him down further after seeing the true condition of the car upon inspection and test drive. My final thoughts were that this guy did not want me engaged in the process of selecting, inspecting, investigating, financing and providing transportation for my own car. Since I have purchased a few Classics in the past from several Seller’s, I found his conduct to be very evasive, misleading and secretive so it appears it is business as usual at O’l Brockersbeautys…………I will shop elsewhere for my next acquisition!…………..Thanks to you and your many readers who provided inputs and saved me a potential disaster and best of luck with your lawsuit! Respectfully Mark S. Grimm Atlanta, Ga

More stories are unfolding weekly and when I have all the details I will post them here. I am not alone in my plight.
The last word on this subject is BUYER BEWARE!! Looks can be deceiving, and so can Brockers Beautys

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